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Monday, May 2

Mediocrity is coming to L.A.

While in L.A. I pray to see as few white people as possible. I hope I haven't offended you readers who are white, the white readers. You people are still welcome to peruse my blog entries. You may even respond emotionally to them, if, in fact, you have emotions. As a minority, I have never uttered the phrase you people, except for the time I accused Disneyland staff of overcharging hardworking minority families for a lousy cup of lemonade.

Does anyone want to go to Disneyland with me? My favorite ride is The People Mover. Yours?


Caron said...

FYI, they got rid of The People Mover a few years ago. Sad but true. But there is now a fantastic Indiana Jones ride, if you're into Jeeps and treasures and shit.

Yeah, I am the official party pooper in this corner of the Blogosphere.

Sylvia said...

Hmmm...I can only surmise you are white. Yes, the People Mover was destroyed ten years ago, but who are you to remind me? Who are you to remind me? *sob*

Tedious caucasian #151D said...

Yes, Disneyland, there's a place where you will encounter hardly any white people. There may be some fellow ironic reverse racists hiding in the Goofy costumes though! (p.s. you ever hear the tale about the dude in the Chip 'n' Dale costume during a very hot parade who got sick and passed out, and since the costume could not be removed -- Disney policy -- you got to see this giant squirrel just sorta drop off the fake tree and hang by its tether while vomit dripped out of its mouth?)

Oh yeah also, if you really wanna not be around us white people, you should check out the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore, outside Gary. Even the raccoons are bad-ass kill-whitey types! (I loved it though)

Daily Texican said...

I'm white.

Sylvia said...

And I'm part caterpillar. Want to go shoot a few hoops?

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