And safety comes first.

Tuesday, July 5

So-So Personality Seeks Mediocre Place to Live for Average Rent

Live in L.A.? Got extra space? Need a few extra bucks? For the right price, I'll hang with whatever:
  1. sleeping in the living room
  2. low water pressure
  3. broken a/c
  4. listening to KROQ (except for mack daddy Jed the Fish) or Jay Z
  5. group shots of your trendy ass friends all over the fuckin' place
  6. mice
  7. roaches
  8. mice and roach traps crowding out the places where I'm trying to store my food
  9. unexpected visits by a landlord who wants to be let in to fix shit that ain't broke and really just wants to mack on those trendy ass friends he's seen in the past
  10. flies and/or trick daddies

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