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Saturday, February 11

Sylvie Tales

Write to your local PBS station, and it might be me looking at your letter, making faces, genuine faces of astonishment:

"...all your nature shows use the word evolved continuously.
Why don't you find just one piece of evidence that supports this theory...before
deceiving all the children you pretend to love so much. Don't you think kids
would have more self esteem knowing they were created by a loving God instead of
their ancestors coming from some green slime?"

My reply:

Dear Madam,

Kids have long been deceived by vegetables that evolved just enough for biblical inculcation. Please don't hate me though; I lack self-esteem is all.



Daily Texican said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

As a piece of green slime, I find that letter to be personally offensive!

Anonymous said...

Ha. You said it, sister. Well, you didn't actually say it. You wrote it. And you're not really my sister. Or are you?