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Sunday, February 24

Words Are a Waste...Unless You Use 'Em in a Song

For years, I wanted to be a photojournalist. Writing is overrated. A picture is worth a thousand words, they say.

They? Who's they?

Pipe down. I'm trying to paint a picture.

Painting? I thought you were a photographer.

I'm not a photographer...yet. I said I would like to be a photographer. Stop interrupting.

Do you even own a camera?

No, but I have friends who have cameras.

That doesn't show much commitment.

What are you, my coach?

And work for almost nothing? Ha!

I wish my subconscious would stop butting in when I'm trying to get my photojournalist career going.

If only I'd gotten a clean shot of Barry that night in 1977, I'd be a real photographer by now!


Smivey said...

Well, I thought that was cool.

Are you kidding? All she did was have a conversations with herself.

But it was funny.

I guess that's a mater of opinion.

Yes, it is. Mine.

Sylvia said...

I always invite my readers to have conversations with themselves and publish them on my blog. Be healthy and live long, Smivey!

Barry Manilow said...

Hey, baby, meet me at the Copa!
Wat a minute -- you're not Barry. You're Phil Spector!
No I'm not! Look at that hair! Look at those shades! Look at that babe!
Yeah. What about her?
She's not cringing and trying to get away -- so I can't be Phil!
All you 70s has-beens look alike, anyway...
Don't listen to him, baby! meet me at the Copa, the Copacabana, the hottest spot north of Pacoima...

Manilow's Bride said...

Barry why did you sneeze cocaine all over the window again? Sylvia's trying to get a clean shot.

Barry, if you turn your gaze somewhat in the direction of my voice, you will see a deepening valley known as "cleavage". Please gaze upon it. Also: feel free to actually touch me with your right hand.

Barry that's the fifth time you've tried this card trick on me. This time I picked a six of clubs, but once again you are showhing me the Joker card. Is this some sort of secret code that you're gay?

So, you're saying those are orthopedic sunglasses?

Fanilow (Sylvia) said...

C'mon guys. Barry Manilow is NOT gay. But his songs are kind of gay.

Jacques Brel said...

It doesn't matter whether Barry is gay. He still looks like a poodle.
*Retracts the comment out of respect for Sylvia's sensitive nature.*
Doesn't actually retract the comment because he, Jacques, is too tough and cynical to make such a sentimeental gesture.
But you see, Barry would have retracted it, and that is the difference between a mere poodle and a man of the world.

Sylvia said...

Mention Barry Manilow and attract all kinds of celebrities to your blog!

I like it when celebrities are self-aware and exercise the noodle. Or was it poodle?

Jacques Brel said...

Are you saying that I should "exercise my poodle" in public?
That is a rather indelicate suggestion!