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Friday, April 11

Pansy Rock Station Replaces Cool R&B Station in Los Angeles

Read this embarrassingly sycophantic message, stinking of corporate weenie fake-cool, which I extracted from the website of new Los Angeles radio station The Sound:

The Sound Mission

First off, welcome to The Sound. We're glad you found us and that you're interested enough to find and read this page; it shows you're like us and music is important to you. While you've probably already heard us and know what you've heard, thanks for giving us this opportunity to elaborate on what we've set out to do.

The Sound is about simply one thing, it's about the best "rock" music made to date. Notice the quotes around the word rock, because our definition of rock is a lot broader than most and it knows virtually no time frame. On The Sound you'll hear everything from the geniuses that gave birth to the seminal rock of the '60s and '70s to the ever evolving offspring of that music, including great stuff that came out last year...or even last week.

If we do it right, you'll find us surprising you every once in a while; sometimes with a great song that you haven't heard in a long time, or a new song you haven't heard elsewhere, maybe even sometimes with a song you didn't think of as "rock". Our goal is to provide music that's comfortably hip. To be familiar without being stale, new without being obscure.

And, whatever we do, everything we do will be with respect for the music. You know, just like we know, others might think we're a little silly to feel this strongly about music...after all, it's only music. While rock and roll isn't the only important thing in the world, it's still important nonetheless and it makes everything else a little more enjoyable. And along the way, we'll help you stay informed and give you opportunities to get involved in making things better in your community. After all, that's what music is best at, bringing people together and standing for something.
We invite you to join us in our mission of ongoing musical discovery and hope you'll invite your own friends into our Sound village.


Bonneville International


Minnefabulous said...

hmmmm ... "rock" music that knows "virtually no time frame." I'm guessing this is music that is "comfortably hip" for those with comfortable hip replacements.

Sylvia said...

More like "seriously UNcomfortably hip" or "UNcomfortably UNhip"!

MC said...

You mean that radio stations actually play music? I thought that they only played 25-minute blocks of commercials.

Sylvia said...

Commercials are more entertaining.

MC said...

If it comes down to a choice between hearing a block of commercials or "Santa Baby" when I walk into a store around Christmas, I'll even take the world's least entertaining commercials.

Hot Shiznit Britizzle said...

What a coincidence that you're writing about this. I was in the car today, and tuned to that station and all kinds of crap came out of the speakers! They took away my R&B!!!!


But then again, why the hell am I listening to the radio when I have all kinds of 8-tracks and phonographic discs at my disposal?!?!?!?!

That's right! My ride is PIMPED!

MC said...

Your ride my be pimped, but I've got a Panasonic Plunger for my 8-tracks!
Ok -- it's yellow instead of red, and it looks kind of trashed, but hey, it's a Plunger!