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Wednesday, August 13

On the Rebound

Disappointed about the dog adoption thing, I turned my attention to ponies. I found this guy on the web, much the way I found Harley. In fact, his butterscotch and cream fur reminds me a bit of Harley. Ponies aren't therapeutic after all.


Horsey-Jill said...

OH MY GOD! That's TOTALLY the 'real' pony they had at Target before Christmas, and I REALLY WANTED ONE I REALLY DID but I wasn't allowed. And it moves and you can pet it and it chews 'carrots' when you put them in it's mouth and it's BETTER THAN THE REAL THING (ie. it doesn't poop or run off with you across a field and buck you off into a muddy ditch).

I WANT ONE! (Harley who?)

Sylvia said...

I had my picture taken with the pony at the downtown Minneapolis Target last October. This guy gets around.

Minnefabulous said...

If you get a pony, you should name it Princess. Even if it's a boy pony. 'Cause Princess is the best pony name EVER.

(o.k., I was not a very creative or original child. shut up.)

Sylvia said...

Princess Leia my boy pony. Maybe I can compromise and call him Prince Leia.

John said...

It reminds me of _a_ Harley, a twin cam 100 perhaps.