And safety comes first.

Monday, May 31

This or That

I was sitting in traffic on the national highway administered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration when I thought of their ubiquitous "Click It or Ticket" campaign slogan. Its double-syllabic rhymes nuzzle into your memory, a likable song, a smiley poem, knocked out at once like a burly slap on the back to welcome you to this no-fucking-around campaign of swift penalty.

That I like.

What I don't like is the lazy ambiguity of the slogan--something only a word-stroking wanker like myself would notice. "Click It or Ticket"--the imperative mood of the former setting off the negative condition of the indicative latter leaves me screaming for the sure clarity found in names like the National Highway...something Administration.


John said...

Spot on! That one bugs me too.

Anonymous said...

"Fuck it or bucket"