And safety comes first.

Friday, November 5

I Saw the Light, and the Light was Flourescent

The light illuminated. I stopped in my tracks and shouted, "I'll be! Moral Values! In bulk!" There was nothing to do but to stock up while the gettin' was good. There was no way anyone was going to criticize me ever again for having no M.V. That's why it caught me off guard when the people at the checkout line gave looks like they were disenchanted with me or something. Called me an M.V. hoarder. Said I was an M.V. showoff. Asked if I had enough M.V. and told me to save some for the rest of 'em. Well, I wasn't going to take that kind of abuse. I said right to their faces, "Go straight, then go right! THAT'S where you can find the M.V.!"

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