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Thursday, November 4

Word of The Day: Morals

This is a new word for you, gentle Democrats, because you were not included on the Republican Party mailing list and therefore were not informed of President Bush's mandate to redefine the term morals. But unless a well-informed morals monger is willing to impart the definition as dictated by our fortunate president, I shall remain ignorant. Or would I be right in stating that morals has now quite the opposite of its traditional meaning?

On the bright side, this new excuse to shirk moral behavior sure is going to make life easy. Maybe tax cuts will make me rich too.

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Anonymous said...

MC sez...
it's easy -- the New, Improved Morality consists entirely of symbolic behavior. To be moral now, all you have to do is:
* Wave the flag.
* Pray in public.
* Use the right symbolic language.
* For that "just-plain-folks" effect, throw in a few biblically-sound bumper-stickers.
There's nothing to it -- symbols are dirt-cheap, they're easy to use, and you don't have to actually do anything inconvenient (like listening to your conscience, or following a system of ethics).
So the next time you find yourself stuck in traffic behind a 1973 Dodge pickup with a mismatched, rusty camper that has an American flag decal, an "In Case of Rapture..." bumper sticker, three Harvest Crusade stickers, aluminum foil over all of the windows, blood dripping out from under the back door, and a trail of flies behind it, you can relax, knowing that you're following a moral serial killer.