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Wednesday, July 22

I can't get enough of jobs!

I just learned from a fellow in HR that I am to assume the responsibility of putting on a large benefit event, a task that falls under the "other duties as assigned when your co-worker quits and administration wastes no time to implement a hiring freeze" section of my job description. Although I have some reservations about my long term ability to deal with people--that is, people and their insatiable need to have personalities--I'd like the company to know that I am a team player and will leverage my limited skills to put on this little wingding. In the meantime I shall continue to appreciate my current job, where other people's personalities are evinced only by the modifiers they like to dangle and misplace within my copy. Who knew wingdings could give me such job security?


Minnefabulous said...

What's the difference between a wingding and a shindig, exactly? black tie vs white tie?

Sylvia C. said...

Windgings are way more exciting.

Anonymous said...

I thought that throwing a wingding was the same thing as throwing a fit.
Or is that what you're going to be doing?

bòn said...

i thought it's a font??