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Monday, July 20

That's News to Me!

What happens when you write a 24-page annual report and the people responsible for approving it take months and months to do it, therefore rendering the financial statistics obsolete? You call it a newsletter! You use all your power to ignore the professional stock photos, booklet format, comprehensive information, and the total absence of news articles, and you call it a newsletter, damn it! You call it a newsletter and then you shoot yourself.


CMYK Boy said...

Also make sure you change it to a 1-color black and white print on thin 80# paper, and while you're at it, redo the entire layout in Microsoft Publisher so it will really look like a newsletter. Just for good measure, throw in some clipart from the Microsoft Office collection.

Sylvia C. said...

Yes, spend more money to fix it to make it look cheaper.

CMYK Boy said...

If your "newsletter" looks too professional, people will think your organization has too much money to spend on a professional designer and nice quality printing. If your newsletter looks cheap, then people will think you guys are dirt poor and will want to donate.