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Monday, August 23

My Library and My Forks

Look, I'm Asian, but just because I happen to be strolling through Chicago's Chinatown, don't stop me and ask me where my library is. Besides, where's your library and why you gotta be using our library? If more people would look past the Asian eyes and see that I have the eyes of a wandering tourist, I'd be a happy Asian.

And I might look a lot like the people who are running the place, but I don't own this Chinese restaurant, so if I'm checking out the food like you, don't ask me where my forks are because my goddamn forks are back at my home in my kitchen.

To these insensitive louses, I used to say, "I don't know," the tone depending on my mood, but now I think I prefer a more effective approach: "Most regrettably, I, an Asian person, lack the adequate English language skills with which to offer you assistance here in America."

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Daily Texican said...

so where can i get some good sweet 'n sour chicken in chicago?