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Wednesday, August 18

The Story about Henry and Me

Henry and I used to flip each other off in the high school cafeteria because that was the only time we'd see each other. I think there was something in the food.

(Notice how it's not "The Story about Henry and I" nor is it "Me and Henry use to flip each other off"? If Henry knows this, why can't the rest of you get it straight?)


Sarcasticboy said...
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Sarcasticboy said...

So I tried to edit one of my previous comments because Sylvia flipped out when I made a grammatical error. I clicked on the little trashcan icon and Blogger told me that there was an error. My comment remained on the site. So I kept trying over and over again, and it kept giving me errors. Finally, I decided to see if it was just that particular comment that was having problems, so I tried to delete another comment and THAT gave me the same error. Of course, 30 minutes later, my comments are gone. Sorry you cannot see the witty and enlightening comments that I made. You have Sylvia to blame.

Sylvia said...

Henry said something like:

"Your crazy. We wasn't just flipping each other off, we cursed too. I remember when me and her went to the movies once and I kept making wrong turns. And how could you use Henry and straight in the same sentence?

(The grammatical errors were to intentionally annoy Sylvia.)"

Sheer brilliance!