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Wednesday, October 6

Dumb to the Demonstrative

The other night? At school? I came out of my class for water? And there was this girl on her cell phone? She was saying she got her test back? You know, the really hard one? For philosophy? And she got 30 out of 35!

After my ears finished bleeding into the drinking fountain, I walked over and tapped our successful test-taker on the shoulder, politely inquiring, "If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound or could it be that everyone is deaf, because no one seems to hear how fucking irritating it is when people? make questions? out of every few words? when they're talking?"


Hellspawn~ The Ξ©men said...

I was randomly browsing n i ran over your blog...

"oops.. sorry about that... picks up blog and dusts it... shit! it stil has my fukin tyre marks on it!"...

well.. for one thing... i like it =)... secondly... i call my toilet seat "mediocrity"... i resort to it only for routine essential funtions..
ur blog is diff... not the usual stuff... good job

i just started up a blog a few days bak.. chek it out.
hav fun

blog on!

Sylvia said...

Right on! Thanks!

Daily Texican said...

i dont' even know what to say. damn, you get funnier every day.

smivey said...

I agree! People who make questions out of every few words are annoying! There's one thing more annoying! But I can't remember what it was!