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Thursday, October 14

Rambling, but You Might Learn Something From It

Hi there, friend. I set my alarm for 3:21a.m. the other morning. It was arbitrary, the "21" part, but not the "3" part. I had a few pages to write for a class. Catching up on sleep takes a few days. I hallucinate sometimes. I attribute it to the lack of sleep. Lack of cigarettes. I don't really smoke. I just ramble a lot. It's called brain emptying. I am hopeful because my brain really isn't empty. I am cursed because I want my brain to empty. Figuratively speaking. Duh. Duh is all that inhabits my brain. Brain waves? More like rolls of fat stuffed in my head. I am a fat head. What are you?


Sarcasticboy said...

Who the hell do you think you are? Ellen DeGeneres?

Daily Texican said...

I'm a fat ass. I wish I had nothing in my pansa.