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Thursday, October 7

Twins Homer Hanky

FOX news just did a four-minute segment on Homer Hanky Ettiquette, i.e. how to hold and wave your Homer Hanky to show home team support at a Twins game. I applaud FOX for taking on this newsworthy topic--never in history has the act of handkerchief fluttering been equated to a battle cry.


Daily Texican said...

Oh man, you were busted watching FOX.

Sylvia said...

Give me a break. I left the TV on after ballgame.

Anonymous said...

I see the Twins sold out tonight's game 3 vs the Yankees. Where have they been all season? The Twins finished 23rd in MLB attendance despite winning their 3rd straight division title.

Even the ghastly Brewers outdrew the Twins this year.

So homer-hanky etiquette must be to ignore the regular season, then show up for the post-season.

Thats called "fair weather" etiquette where I come from.