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Friday, September 24

Chipotle, Foiled Again!

I say Chipotle and you say what? Fast food joint that foil-wraps burritos insipid as the paper bags they are tossed in? Me too. I hate Chipotle (that is, the fast food joint), and I'm frustrated--perhaps by my own failure to find joy when grazing on one of these death-like burritos. Mixing lettuce and sour cream in carnitas is like trying to make tuna salad with pork chunks. Sure, omit the lettuce and sour cream. Opt for different burrito arrangements, but is this lunch or is this arts and freakin' crafts? Que feo!


elizs said...

I don't care much for Chipotle also - they are now owned by McDonalds, after all. What I do appreciate about them is that they only use organic food and free-range meats. That's pretty good for a chain restaurant.

Daily Texican said...

never had it