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Friday, September 24

JIF or Skippy?

Please post your response using the comments feature--do so annonymously if you must. If you are allergic to peanuts and cannot participate in this survey, know that there was no ploy to exclude you in our peanut-butter-question-asking fun. But please, don't post a comment about your inability to take our fun survey. It would take a long time for our scientists to weed out the useless input.


greg said...

Either. I'll eat any peanut butter, even really cheap kind where the oil has risen to the surface. Sorry, I guess that wasn't much help.

Xolo said...

Neither. Both have partially hydrogenated oils.

I like the real, peanuts only peanut butter.

Yet another useless response.

Daily Texican said...

the free peanut butter they gave us with the cheese

-=$=- said...

Finally a valid contribution...Skippy!! Because that's what they sell at Costco. I go to Costco every weekend for a round of sport-feeding. I usually hit up all the little give away tables five or six times. The way I see it, it pays for my membership fee.