And safety comes first.

Saturday, September 18


Some third party from across the country scoffed at my enthusiasm for working at a rare books library, asking if I knew the old books were really just reprints of books published a long time ago. I did some amateur investigating and was disheartened to find that there was possible copyright infringement to be reported! I couldn't find the pages where the copyright dates are usually printed--no mention of the publishing houses even! Pre-Gutenberg my arse! Someone just wanted to avoid being taken to court! Man, had it not been for this genius from many miles away, I would have felt so foolish, showing such stewardship for mere reprints! I may not have a degree in Library Science, but I damn sure have a degree in Common Sense!


Anonymous said...

MC's hot tip...

When you cook hot dogs in a toaster-oven, the grease (can't really call it anything as healthy as "fat") oozes out and drips all over the tray (or the grill, if you really like to live dangerously). BUT -- old paper is very tough and absorbent, and it's usually acid-free, too! So -- grab a few pages out of one of might-be-rare/might-not-be-so-rare books the next time that you're in the mood for a tasty, grease-free, All-American lunch! Who's going to even notice that they're gone...?

Sylvia said...

Sometimes sarcasm just doesn't quell the burning anger that rages within. That third party from across the country is a dim-witted dumbfuck.