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Monday, September 6

Stream of Consciousness on Holiday

As I was thinking, one thought cutting off another without complaint, a man came over and upzipped his pants. I said to him, "No, sir, you want the Mississippi River down the street." I closed my eyes on him and paddled along. I'm so behind in my blog entries. Everyone else has been keeping up. Life is with them. I could be dead and not know it. I watch too much t.v.--that dead idea (cheap pun) has been done in every genre. I knew a guy who pronounced genre as though it was the nickname for generic: gener. No brand could make a better version of Lucky Charms cereal. I never finish all my milk before the expiration date. I guess I support the dairy industry, but I will not wear political buttons for them. Got milk? Got spoiled milk. "Sir, why don't you try the bush, then?" I am trying to drift with my thoughts again, but today's stream is flowing rather slowly, shallowly.

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